Bama Chatter May 2017

Job Opening: Controller for Bradford Health Services

Company: Bradford Health Services

Email Address:

Subject: Corporate Controller Position

Job Posting Expiration Date if before 30 days:

Message: Bradford Health Services, the Southeast's leading provider of addiction treatment services, is looking for an outstanding individual to manage the Corporate accounting, revenue cycle, purchasing, and financial reporting functions. With over 25 locations in the Southeast, the Company is actively expanding its geographic reach and service offerings. The ideal candidate will have strong technical and analytical skills, experience in the behavioral healthcare sector, and an understanding of the healthcare industry and its related business operations. The ideal candidate will have excellent verbal and written communication skills. Bradford is a behavioral health company; excellent interpersonal skills will be required. This position reports directly to the CFO. Some travel will be required. Candidates possessing CPA or CMA certifications are preferred. Interested persons should email their resume and any other information they believe relevant to All replies will be kept in strictest confidence.

LTC Wasn't Cheesy!

The 2017 Leadership Training Conference was held April 24-26 in Phoenix, Arizona. Leadership teams from each chapter attended. The Alabama chapter team included the 2017-2018 officers: Nina Dusang, President, Megan Randolph, President-elect, Wanda James, Secretary and Jeff Peppers, Treasurer. Also in attendance were the incoming Communications Chair, Clint Jones; Education Chair, Jeff Craft aka Happy; Membership Chair, Wallace Harmening aka The Artist; Sponsorship Chair, Mike Wilson aka Muke and Matt James, Early Careerist Chair aka Top Cheese.

LTC is a great place to network with counterparts from other chapters serving in a similar role. There were sessions on sponsorship, chapter budgeting, communications and effective web sites as well as President and President-elect specific sessions. These are key classes to lay a foundation for the year ahead.

Attendees met the incoming National HFMA Chair, Carol A. Friesen. Carol opened up the conference and spoke about her theme: Where Passion Meets Purpose. She shared her journey in healthcare and how a personal tragedy became her fuel for her purpose to make healthcare the best it can be for everyone.

One of the highlights was the Food Truck War. Teams competed for bragging rights in category of chants and food. The Alabama team competed in the Mac and Cheese group. Although our chant was not selected, we did when top of class for Mac and Cheese. Special kudos go to our chefs Megan Randolph and Matt James. During the competition, the Alabama team members showcased their talents in a big way. Wallace Harmening pulled out all the stops on his artistic rendering of the perfect Championship Mac n Cheese Truck and perfection for presentation. Jeff Craft held us all in high spirits with his super positive attitude.

Each team leader came away with solid tools to help plan a strong year ahead full of passion and purpose.

Alabama Continues to Offer CPAR

The Alabama Chapter of the Healthcare Financial Management Association is one of two states left offering the CPAR (Certified Patient Account Representative) Program.  The certification covers a variety of topics but gives an overview of the entire patient experience through the Revenue Cycle.  The CPAR exam is held on number dates at numerous locations throughout the state to include Birmingham, Dothan, Huntsville, Montgomery, and Phenix City.  The Certification Committee will be offering the CPAR coaching session and the exam online before the end of 2017 for those individuals that can’t make the classroom coaching and testing dates and time.


Between January 2017 and April 2017, we had 38 individuals take the CPAR with 84% of them passing the exam.  Of those that passed, 50% scored a 90 or above.  I would like to congratulate the following individuals that invested in their career by receiving their certification this year:


Amanda Allums                                                                             Cindy Medley

Tori Beckwood                                                                               Lyndia Norris

Pamela Brown                                                                                Sonya Pearson

Lee Brown                                                                                      Trenity Peoples

Meagan Chumney                                                                           Kerry Pettis

Jonathan Cochran                                                                          Charm Power

Maranda Douglas                                                                           Chanda Rasberry

Kelli Ford                                                                                        Charis Redding

Tia Griffin                                                                                        Denise Santos

Stephanie Hughes                                                                          Katrece Thomas

Tenisha Johnson                                                                             Denise Thomas

Lawanda Joyner                                                                             Nikitia Townsend

April Lackey                                                                                    Wanda Walker

Lena Lando                                                                                     Reva Wells

Jamila Lewis                                                                                   Jermeekia Williams

Donna McCrary                                                                               Frances Wynn


The chapter also offers the Advanced Certified Patient Account Representative.  This program provides ongoing educational resources that will allow our representatives to continue their professional knowledge, develop leadership skills, promote career laddering, and provide support to CPAR recipients in all healthcare settings. 


If you have questions about any of these certifications, please feel free to contact me by phone or email.



Wanda A. James

Certification Chair, AL HFMA


A Strategy for Driving Higher Net Revenue

A Strategy for Driving Higher Net Revenue
by Jase DuRard, Chief Revenue Officer, AccuReg

Situation:  Your hospital is facing a major financial issue, in either A/R, cash collections, or bad debt – maybe all three. The executive suite, and perhaps even the Board, has mandated immediate improvement. However, making a major impact on any one of these areas is a significant task, let alone all of them at the same time.

Approach: If you are facing this situation, as many in your position are, what is the first thing you do? Probably hire a consultant. But what is the next thing you can do to have the most impact?

How are you measuring success?
You will probably begin by measuring your success and looking at all parties involved:

·         Are you using your vendors effectively?

·         Are you finding overlap between vendors that can accomplish the same thing?

·         How are you measuring your facility’s performance?

·         Finally, are you using the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?

My suggestion would be to re-evaluate the KPIs you are currently using. Why? Because using them landed the health system in the position it’s in today!

Where does every dollar come from?
Take a step back. If, for example, you are measuring POS Collections as a KPI, ask yourself, what comes before that? Where are the entry points in a perfect world? This gives you clear insight into the levers that need to be pulled. It also allows you to track where every dollar in your business comes from and ensure that the process is working effectively. This takes time and some skill with flow charts, but it is well worth the exercise.

Let’s look at a real-world example of a facility with extremely high A/R and Bad Debt. Where do you start? Well, A/R is money that is owed. It must be collected. You have a collections agency working for you already. But can you make an impact anywhere else? What vendors can help you to create more efficiency with your current staff?

How effective is your collections strategy?
Peel back the layers of A/R. It starts at the point where you have the first contact with the patient. Is A/R tied to POS collections? Possibly. If you have a POS Collections strategy currently in place, do you know how effective it is?

It is widely known that the correct time to ask for money from a patient is any time you have their attention!

·         So, if you have a POS or even PRE-service collections strategy, first look at how to improve it.

·         Second, more and more facilities are finding tremendous success by adding A/R dollars to the scheduling or estimate screens. This allows your scheduling and registration clerks to not only collect pre-service dollars, but also outstanding balances!

·         The use of payment plans is also imperative. This will remove accounts from your collection agency, thus reducing the cost to collect, and it will also allow collection agencies to work the accounts that require their immediate attention.

·         How do you train your scheduling/registration staff to collect A/R? Simple, by placing the dollars in front of them using your vendor. Then you script it.

Does patient satisfaction impact revenue?
So now you’re impacting POS Collections and A/R, but what else? What about Patient Experience scores?

Do you believe if framed the correct way, you could have the patient pay you happily? You should, because you can!

Studies have proven that facilities with higher patient satisfaction scores have a higher NET revenue. Why? Because the cost to collect is so much less up front, and these conversations are taking place before the Point of Crisis for the patient!

Ask yourself these questions:

·         What vendors can achieve a positive patient experience?

·         What vendors focus on the front-end of the revenue cycle?

·         What vendors constantly evaluate your process for improvements with the PATIENT in mind?

By not asking for money at the time of treatment and – and having financial discussion sooner – you decrease patients stress levels. Your patient satisfaction scores increase. Moreover, your POS Collections increase, your A/R decreases AND you gain a repeat customer!

Remember, you are not just tracking dollars, you are tracking Patient Experience. This is the real key to driving higher net revenues.

About the Author:

Jase DuRard brings over 20 years of experience in healthcare and software solutions to AccuReg. Prior to joining the company, he worked for Zelis Payments as Senior Vice President of Enterprise Provider Solutions, Passport Health as Vice President of Enterprise Solutions, and AIM Healthcare Services where he served in various sales and operations management capacities. DuRard is also the Chief Strategy Officer and co-owner of GlassbookRx, a company designed to bridge the communication gap between providers, compounding pharmacies and patients. DuRard graduated from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, College of Business Administration, with a B.A. in Marketing.

Region V Update

Renee’s Region 5 Update


We are winding down business for the 2016-2017 chapter year and preparing for the upcoming year.   The chapters have achieved many significant accomplishments including meeting their required CBSC metrics as well as rising up to the challenge of innovation.  Each chapter took advantage of the Innovation Funding offered by HFMA to venture down new paths in providing education and networking to physicians, payers, early careerist and women in leadership.  Theses events were successful undertakings in introducing all that HFMA has to offer to these market segments that will eventually be an integrated part of HFMA.  The HFMA funding for innovation is available again in 2017-2018, and I will challenge each chapter to continue their efforts.


Throughout the year each chapter exceeded their CBSC education goals by holding many successful educational events, and as a Region we once again enjoyed an outstanding annual institute hosted by the Georgia chapter is Savahanna.  Our annual Regional 5 Dixie Institute has continued to thrive with exceptional education, networking, and sponsorship.  I’m proud that Georgia was able to offer over 30 scholarships to providers to attend the conference thanks to our many gracious sponsors.   I look forward to next years meeting hosted by the Florida chapter in Tampa, FL.   


Many of the chapter leaders recently attended HFMA’s Leadership Training Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.  The 2 ½ day event provides a wealth of information for chapter leaders to equip them with the information and tools necessary for a successful chapter year thereby providing excellent benefits to its membership.  


We held our first 2017-2018 Regional planning meeting at LTC.  We created a robust agenda for the year, and I look forward to working with the chapter Presidents and President – Elects.  I also look forward to working with Karen Newton who is the incoming Regional Executive-Elect (RE2) from the Georgia chapter.  Karen and I spent time visiting with each chapter during their chapter planning and networking times as well as attending the Regional Executive Counsel meeting and orientation.     


During our Regional planning meeting we took time to recognize our dear friend, Ray High, who recently passed away.  Ray was a Past President of the South Carolina chapter, and he was the 2016-2017 Regional Executive-Elect.  Ray was more than ready to take on the role of Regional Executive on June 1st, and it saddens me that he will not be here to lead the Region as I know he would have done a tremendous job.  I enjoyed working with Ray over the last year, and I will not forget our time together working for HFMA and the Region.  So it is with a heavy heart that I’ve agreed to stay on as Regional Executive for another year, and in so doing I’ve vowed to keep Ray’s always cheerful memory alive.  Those who knew Ray are familiar with his zest for life.  When asked “How are you?”  He always answered “This is the best day of my entire life”.  Ray was a man who didn’t take life for granted and enjoyed everyday.  His passion for life rippled over to HFMA in every way.  So throughout this year we will keep Ray in our hearts by referencing “This is the best day of my entire life” at every meeting and event we attend. 


With the vacancy left by Ray in the Regional Executive rotation, the chapters looked to South Carolina for candidates to fill the 2017-2018 Regional Executive-Elect-Elect position.  Through the new RE selection process the candidates applied, interviewed and were vetted through the chapter leadership team.  The candidates were presented to the Region 5 Board at LTC for a vote, and I’m very pleased to announce that Jude Crowell will serve as the 2017-2018 Regional Executive-Elect-Elect (RE3).  Jude is a past president of the South Carolina chapter and remains very active in the chapter leadership.  Jude will work closely with Karen and I to complete two years of training before assuming the role of RE in 2019-2020.  I’m excited and honored to work with Karen and Jude this year as they are both wonderful people who share my passion for HFMA. 


HFMA ANI is right around the corner and in my back yard – Orlando, FL.  It is always an exciting time as we kick off the new chapter year, and we celebrate the accomplishments of the past year.   I look forward to cheering on the chapter presidents as they receive awards and recognition for their hard work and dedication.   I thank each of them for working together to keep our Region strong and thus our chapters strong – We are stronger together.  My appreciation and affection to each of you for this last year together –

Karen Dillard (AL), Lisa Matthews (FL), Jonathan Skaggs (GA), Estelle Barnes (SC), and Carmen Voelz (TN).


I look forward to seeing many of you at ANI, and throughout the year as I visit the chapters.


Renee Jordan

2016-2017 Regional Executive

207-2018 Regional Executive





President's Final Message

I love Spring.  It’s my favorite time of year.  I like to think of Spring as God’s greatest art with all the beautiful blossoms, lush grass, warm weather, and a general feeling of renewal. For me, the change from winter to spring is nature’s best reminder that change is the only constant, and as one period ends a new adventure, filled with hope and anticipation, begins.

The same holds true with HFMA.  Our fiscal year officially ends May 31st and as such, our new leadership team has been elected and preparing for their new adventure, recently returning from the annual leadership training conference in Phoenix, AZ where they spent time learning new ideas and preparing for the upcoming year. I’m excited to see the plans from our new leadership team and I’m confident it will be a great year as they continue with the innovation, collaboration, and great education.  They are certainly off to a great start with the Annual Institute coming up in a few short weeks.  We hope you will join us in Birmingham at the Grand Bohemian as we celebrate the Art of Healthcare.

It was this same time last year when the 2016-2017 leadership team set goals for the year and if you recall, there was a lot of work to do which created my theme of the year -  Let’s Do This.  Well, I’m excited to say that WE DID IT!!  Below are some of the accomplishments the chapter obtained this year:

Let’s Do Structure:

·         Created a 5-year strategic plan

·         Created a policy and procedure handbook

·         Created an Org chart

·         Created job descriptions

Let’s Do Innovation:

·         Rebranded Chapter logo to Alabama 365

·         Implemented software to improve and enhance online certification coaching and testing

·         Implemented software to improve and enhance membership reporting capabilities

·         Received $10k scholarship to fund our early careerist initiative

·         Re-designed the Chapter website

Let’s Do Membership:

·         Exceeded National’s membership goals and requirements

·         Added 10 physician members

·         Added 5 Nurses members

·         Added 3 Faculty members

·         Added 7 payer members

*** Numbers are estimated until final report from National

Let’s Do Sponsorship:

·         Held our 1st strategic planning session for sponsors

·         Brought new sponsors to the Chapter

Let’s Do Volunteerism:

·         Held our 1st committee teams meeting

·         Added 12 new volunteers

·         Created an early careerist committee

As you can see, it’s been a busy year and I’m very proud of the accomplishments of our Chapter.  I’m also humbled and honored to have had the opportunity to serve and I send a very special and heartfelt thank you for all your support and encouragement.  So, as my time as President ends, I am feeling renewed, optimistic and excited for new beginnings. I’m looking forward to supporting the new leadership team, helping the chapter continue its strategic goals and initiatives, build upon what we’ve started and find ways to add value to you.  I hope that you will too. 

We Did It!!

Warmest Regards,



P.S. During the leadership meeting in Arizona, national HFMA held a Food Truck challenge where each state participated in preparing a food item, creating a chant, and decorating the food truck.  The Alabama team won 1st place in the macaroni and cheese division!! Yay Alabama!