CFO Spotlight

Meet Matt James

1.       Tell us a little about your work and education background, where you’re from, hobbies, family and pets?

My name is Matt James and I am originally from Montgomery, Alabama. Every job that I have held have all been in the medical field and I began my career my senior year in high school. While most of my experience is in registration I have also worked in medical records, precertification, scheduling, and really enjoyed being an Inpatient Physical Therapy Tech during college in Mobile.

I graduated from Troy University in 2014 with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration Management. I am planning to begin a Masters in Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness this summer.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, hunting, playing softball, singing karaoke, working with youth and Alabama Football!! My family includes my mom, my younger sister, my brother-in-law and three wonderful nieces! I have one pet, a yellow lab named Jackie. For the past 14 years I have been a part of Central Alabama Chrysalis which is a three day Christian experience for youth ages 15-19. Chrysalis has been a very big part of my life from going through my original flight when I was 15 years old, to working on many conference room teams, to now serving as the Community Lay Director.

2.       Where is your favorite place to vacation and why?

I love the water but I also really enjoy going to the mountains. My favorite place that I have vacationed is probably between Cozumel and Pigeon Forge. We took a family cruise to Cozumel and it was a blast and I have been to the mountains several times. Both have always been a very relaxing time for me! Anywhere that I am with my family or friends are always a great time!


3.       What is your favorite thing about living in your current location?

I currently live in Birmingham, Alabama. I have only resided here for a year but I love Birmingham! I knew early on in life that I wanted to be a part of the medical field and Birmingham has always been where I wanted to grow professionally.


4.       What keeps you up at night in relation to current healthcare issues?

If one thing about healthcare keeps me up it would be exactly what I deal with daily, insurance. I think that insurance is misunderstood by a lot of people. In my role, I get to help patients understand the breakdown a little bit more daily and that is rewarding to me. Insurance plays such a huge role in healthcare that I feel like everyone should be more knowledgeable of the topic, regardless of their carrier.

5.       Tell us one thing we don’t know about you that you’re willing to share?

One thing that not very many people know is that I passed up a once in a lifetime trip to Australia while in school because I was afraid to fly! Still to this day I have never flown, however I am looking to plan a trip soon that will involve a plane ride!