Are you certified?

The Alabama Chapter of the Healthcare Financial Management Association is one of two states left offering the CPAR (Certified Patient Account Representative) Program.  The CPAR test is held on number dates at numerous locations throughout the state.  The certification covers a variety of topics but gives an overview of the entire patient experience through the Revenue Cycle.  In the year of 2016, we had 219 participants to test which resulted in 202 new CPAR recipients.  Of these new recipients, we had one to make a perfect score.  Congratulations to Shonda Blevins.  We had 89 recipients to score a 90 or above with two scoring a 99; great job Aria Smith and Thomas Clark.  The Alabama Chapter has a great certification committee that takes pride in coaching and developing the participants to prepare them for the CPAR test.  I would like to thank each team member for their time and support teaching the classes throughout the state:  Birmingham (Gail Harris, Sharon Petty, Matt James), Dothan (Erika Chancey), Huntsville (Deborah Oresteen, Donna Alldredge, Miranda Cottrell), Montgomery (Rhianna Arnold, Jessica Cherry),  and Phenix City (Amanda Norton).


The chapter also offers the Advanced Certified Patient Account Representative.  This program provides ongoing educational resources that will allow our representatives to continue their professional knowledge, develop leadership skills, promote career laddering, and provide support to CPAR recipients in all healthcare settings.  After you have obtained the CPAR, you can achieve the ACPAR by attending five Alabama or National HFMA events during the course of a two year period.  Once this has been completed, you can apply for your certificate.  During 2016, we had three recipients of the ACAPR:  Matt James, Angela Shelton, and Annette Fields.


The Certified Revenue Cycle Representative (CRCR) is the first of the National HFMA certifications.  This certification will allow one to be better prepared to increase receivables, reduce denials, and work more efficiently; all while earning their organization high patient satisfaction scores.  The program has been redesigned and is available online 24/7 and can be taken from the comfort of your home.  This certification is filled with new, essential information on best-practice approaches for the patient-centric revenue cycle.


The Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP) has been updated by National HFMA to provide the broad range of business and financial skills essential for succeeding in today’s high-value healthcare environment.  The new CHFP is geared toward financial professionals, clinical and nonclinical leaders, and payers; all those whose jobs require a deep understanding of the new financial realities in health care.  The CHFP program includes two modules and both modules must be successfully completed to earn the CHFP.  If you are an active member of the Alabama Chapter of HFMA, we will reimburse you the cost of the certification upon successful completion.


The ultimate certification that all our members should be setting to include on their resume is the Fellow of the Healthcare Financial Management Association (FHFMA).  As recognized industry leaders, HFMA Fellows act as ambassadors to the profession by raising the standard of practice through consistent participation in professional development activities and service to the healthcare finance industry.



If you have questions about any of these certifications, please feel free to contact me by phone or email.


If not, let the certifications begin…..




Wanda A. James

System Director, PFS-Hughston

Certification Chair, AL HFMA