Region V Update

Renee Jordan, Region V

Renee Jordan, Region V

Happy Fall Y’All.  I’m filled with renewed inspiration having just completed the HFMA Fall President’s Meeting in Memphis Tennessee.  Each year the Presidents and President-Elects from every chapter come together for strategic discussions, and to network with their peers.  As Regional Executive it was my responsibility to organize the regional meeting and plan networking events.  Of course that meant a trip to Graceland!!  What a great experience. 

The Fall President’s Meeting kicked off on Sunday with updates from HFMA National.  We received an update on the Chapters 2.0 projects and we learned about the HFMA Strategic Direction discussed at this year’s board retreat:

Our Challenge:  How can HFMA lead healthcare stakeholder to meet the challenges of today while creating a sustainable healthcare industry?

Our Audience:  Healthcare Finance Professionals 3-circle CFO’s, Health Insurance Professionals, Physician Leaders, Vendor/Business Partners

·         Easy Access to Relevant Information

·         Collaborate to Define & Influence Change

·         Helping “Audience” Successfully Navigate Complexity & Pace of Change to Support FinancialSustainability

·         Invest in Acquiring, Developing, and Retaining Talent

On Monday and Tuesday we broke out into our regions where we had an opportunity to discuss many National, Regional, and Chapter topics.  HFMA Secretary/Treasurer, Kevin Brennen, joined us for conversation regarding membership and HFMA Strategies.  Region 5 provided Kevin with feedback from the Chapter Leadership and Chapter Member prospective.  Additionally, our Region was fortunate to have HFMA staff member, Lorraine Schnelle, present during our meeting.  Lorraine was a wonderful person to bounce ideas off and she took copious notes to bring back to HFMA to share our prospective.   

The unanimous consensus was that the meeting was very informative and productive.  Additionally, the group enjoyed the networking events which allowed them to build relationships with their peers thereby strengthening the Region as a whole. 

In November I will attend the Regional Executive Counsel meeting in Chicago to represent Region 5.  The primary focus of this meeting is to evaluate the Chapter Balance Score Card (CBSC) and the metrics assigned thereto as well as chapter awards.  The CBSC is designed to assists chapters with goal setting and performance tracking of key chapter activities.  At the FPM the Presidents and President-Elects of Region 5 shared their ideas for possible changes to the CBSC.  I look forward to bringing these recommendations to the REC meeting and to effect some meaningful modifications to the CBSC.   

I wish everyone a peaceful and healthy holiday season!

Alabama HFMA supports LA Flood Relief at Fall Institute

Healthcare, at its core, is the ambition to help others out at their time of distress.  Every day brings new challenges.  Time and again, we face unforeseen circumstances where there is no ‘playbook’ to follow.  The tornadoes that impacted Alabama in 2011 had far reaching affects.  The recent, 2016, flooding in Louisiana is another example.  Consider some of these facts.

During the ‘no-name’ storm, rainfall fell at 2-3 inches per hour and total accumulations reached about 30-31 inches.  To put that into perspective, it was enough water to fill Lake Pontchartrain about four times!  If anyone reading this has flown into New Orleans, you know how massive that body of water is.  It is a substantial amount of water.

The impacts were immense.  The major initial impact came in the form of rising rivers and flooding.  Evacuations, rescues and the setup of shelters throughout the parishes in and around Baton Rouge were common.  The Louisiana National Guard and the Coast Guard helped over 30,000 people evacuate their homes.  People were challenged getting to and from work and curfews were put into place.

Our friends in Louisiana are no strangers to‘crisis management’.  It has been well documented what past storms have done to the area.  Hospitals are at the heart of necessary services regardless of crisis.  Elderly and incapacitated people are not able to move around.  Many need electricity and power to ensure they maintain stability.  Women are still delivering babies.  All the while, employees are having trouble getting to work.  Everyone is concerned about their homes and loved ones.  To say there is a lot of soul searching is an understatement.

What can we do as friends, neighbors and concerned citizens to help?  The AL Chapter of HFMA stepped up in a big way.  During the recent fall meeting in Birmingham, chapter members became resourceful and focused on lending a hand to our neighbors in need.  Moneyand everyday products were donated to provide assistance for those with needs.  Big five gallon buckets were set up in various locations throughout the exhibit hall.  Members filled these buckets with anything that would be helpful, such as  toothbrushes, soap, cotton swabs, deodorant, socks, etc.

Jon Harlan of Frost-Arnett led the group raising $2100 dollars  and several five- gallon buckets of much needed goods to deliver to Mary Leah Walker at Women’s Hospital in Baton Rouge.  Mary Leah is the current president of the LA chapter of HFMA.  Mary Leah is not only Karen Dillard’s counterpart, she is a friend.  Mary Leah is thrilled with the support shown by the Alabama and Florida chapters.

HFMA as a great resource for continued education, but more importantly to help network with others in healthcare.  In this instance, it was the catalyst for our chapter to help out our neighbors in need.  The AL chapter should be proud of our actions and let’s continue to look for ways to help one another!