Certified Patient Accounts Representative (CPAR)

The Alabama Chapter CPAR (Certified Patient Account Representative) Program. The CPAR test will be held on numerous dates at numerous locations. Below you will find a listing of testing sites as well as the site coordinators.  Feel free to contact a site coordinator for more information. Please be reminded that the CPAR test is pass/fail. Scores will not be released.

2019 CPAR Certification Exam

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  • To sit for the CPAR Exam, you must attend one (1) coaching session. You must register online. When registering, you are paying for the registration. You are required to select one (1) coaching location date and one (1) test site location for the CPAR Institute Agenda. Please contact the site coordinator to confirm date and location.

CPAR Coaching and Testing Dates


  • Total fee: $50.00 – Fees must be paid in full at the time of registration.

  • Re-test fee: $25

  • If a Hospital or other Healthcare Provider will be making payment on behalf of their Employees; during registration process, select pay at the event. You may register and pay online via credit card. If you pay online using your credit or debit card, you will be required to pay in full. Due to the administrative cost in handling returned checks, we will no longer accept personal checks. If you are a Hospital or other Healthcare provider and you are making payment on behalf of employees sitting for the CPAR exam, we will accept a company check.

Study Guide

  • Each student should download the CPAR Study Guide before the Coaching Session.

  • Study Guide

Coaching Sessions and Test Locations

Various locations are available for both coaching and testing.  Please visit the CPAR registration site for a complete list of dates and times. 

CPAR Chair, Paula Garrett

Grandview Health

205-971-3845 desk


Alabama HFMA Introduces Advanced CPAR

What is Advanced CPAR?

A program to provide ongoing educational resources that will allow our representatives to continue their professional knowledge, develop leadership skills, promote career laddering and provide support to CPAR recipients in all Healthcare settings.

Curriculum Requirements

Attend 5 (five) Advanced CPAR approved sessions. These sessions will be published on the Alabama HFMA website. The various sessions required to achieve an Advanced CPAR status will be offered periodically throughout the year in different locations throughout the state, as well as at the HFMA Institutes.

Credit towards Advanced CPAR will only apply after one has passed CPAR exam.

Procedure Guidelines for Advanced CPAR

1.     Once you have passed the CPAR exam to obtain Advanced CPAR (ACPAR) certification, you must attend 5 (five) different Advanced CPAR sessions within a two-year period of time.

These 5 (five) sessions are earned by attending Alabama HFMA approved Advanced CPAR sessions offered through Alabama HFMA at various locations throughout the state and as well as the HFMA institutes. Pricing for these sessions will vary. These sessions will be posted on the Alabama HFMA website.

2.    Each individual is responsible for maintaining their own continuing education records during your two-year Advanced CPAR certification period; be sure you receive a CEU/CPE form showing your attendance at these ACPAR sessions. Alabama HFMA will maintain a database from registration and sign-in records only.

3.    Once you have completed your required five Advanced CPAR sessions and submit your CEU/CPE’s; you will receive an Advanced CPAR certificate in approximately 60 days.

4.    If you begin Advanced CPAR certification but do not obtain the required 5 sessions within a two-year period of time, you will be required to start the Advanced CPAR classes over to obtain your 5 ACPAR classes.

5.    In order to re-certify, you need to obtain 10 PEU’s/CPE’s every two years.


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