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Authorization Management: Ensuring Payment Certainty for your Prior Authorizations

Panelist(s) Info:

Jim Czajkowski, CHAM, Regional Vice President / Clinical Solutions, Experian Health
Stephen Benz, Clinical Solutions Subject Matter Expert, Experian Health

Duration: 1 hour Description:

The amount and complexity of payer pre-certification requirements have increased dramatically in recent years. Healthcare providers are under greater pressure to identify innovative ways to meet these demands to ensure safety, better clinical outcomes, compliance and payment certainty for the services they provide.

Prior authorization/pre-authorization is a vital process to ensure that payers will cover specific services before the service is performed. And while prior authorizations cannot be avoided entirely, there are steps that can be taken and online tools to help minimize the hassle and expense they bring.

This webinar will educate participants on the pitfalls of manual processing and important tools and tips to consider when transitioning to an automated prior authorization (pre-auth) process.